Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shetemetievo 2

Yea. We are in da airport. Thats incredible feeling. As you probaly know it smells differently. Like a big jorney, like a transcontinental trip. First time in my life I'm going overseas. My gollegues are with me. We had coffee an our ago (third flore of airport). Na we gonna drink finlandia. ... We did first shot. Next time I ll explain why we did it. Ok my colegues here. i cant blog. )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Awaiting some friends on m.Tulskaya

Hi again. Defenetly mobile blogging has some piorities. Now. I m standing in front of trade center 'Erevan plaza' and waiting Vitaliy. He works for one Msk compony since about a year and we didn't met a lang time. I acked twice (!) a girl nearby about taking a picture on my phone. She agreed, but I'm not sure she recieves pleasure from this ). Hm. But anyway thanks to her. During my waiting one of my classmates call me and we going to do some fun todays evening. Why not? ) the only one reason is 8 o clock taxi tomorrow's morrning to airport. Suddenly I cought myself on the point of I do not want to visit my excollegues which I notified yesterday. Hope the didn't call. Its not about them personally, its only about the fact of facing them since one year passed...

Moscow. Pushkin squere.

Ok. Along. Im afraid i begin bloging again. Situation is that I promized my self to close it a year ago. It was hard but interesting year for me. I had no time even for my self. But now, delivering my thoughts to you became easyer. Hoping I have something intresting to share. ). So lets begin. The starting point is Pushkin sq., check the picture. See you soon.